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At Didess, we are all about providing high-quality, artisanal products, developed with the utmost care and expertise. Whether it's delicious butter biscuits, decorations, colourful crackers or easy dessert solutions, ... we have it all.

The different brands, Frozen Elements by Didess, Didess for Bakeries, New Tex by Didess and Food Revolution by Didess are proof of our vision and creativity. With a wide range of products, we aim to help chefs boost their creativity and create tasty dishes.

At Didess, we believe in working closely with our customers to develop products which meet their specific needs and requirements. Together, we can enrich the food world and create new culinary experiences.

Frozen Elements by Didess offers a wide range of easy and delicious dessert solutions for chefs. Whether you are looking for a dessert which is quick to prepare or if you want to impress with a unique and tasty dessert, we have the solution you need.

You can choose to create a full dessert with our elements or, alternatively, finish your 'signature dessert' with our delicious ready-made elements.

What about our extensive choice of flavours? From chocolate flavours to fresh and fruity flavours, we have something for everyone. So you can surprise your customers over and over with the most original and delicious desserts.

In addition, all products are frozen, meaning you can take exactly what you need without wasting. This creates more efficiency in the kitchen and reduces costs.

We offer soft textures such as quenelles, spongecakes and salsas. But we also have a lot in store for crispy textures: just think of our decorettes, crumbles and crispy chocolates. Furthermore, you can come to us for products which can be served as a base, but also for products which can provide a beautiful finish.

In short, with Frozen Elements by Didess, your chef can always count on us for the most convenient and delicious dessert solutions. Discover our wide range in this leaflet and take your desserts to an even higher level.