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Crémeux Raspberry

Crémeux Raspberry

These raspberries are made from a smooth crémeux based on eggs, mascarpone, raspberry puree and a hint of lime. The flavour of these raspberries is sweet, fruity with a slightly acidic undertone. To make these raspberries, we use a mould into which we pour the crémeux and then freeze it. Each pack contains as many as 6 different sizes of raspberries, giving you a nice effect when decorating your desserts, just like real raspberries. Delicious in combination with chocolate, vanilla, citrus, marcarpone, mint,...

45014 Article number
5 g / pc Weight
27 x 20 mm Size per piece

Preparation advice

  • Thawing time: 7 to 10 minutes at room temperature (if immediate use), 12 to 15 minutes in the refrigerator.

Storage advice

  • Store at -18°C. Never refreeze products that have been thawed.
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Crémeux Raspberry



63 pc


300 x 240 x 55