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Maxi Quenelle Mascarpone

Maxi Quenelle Mascarpone

This fine mascarpone mousse is carefully prepared and has a delicious, creamy texture and a smooth, mild flavour of Italian mascarpone cheese. The quenelles are elegantly shaped and finished with a white velvet effect. This dessert component is versatile and can be served as part of a dessert with fruit or other delicious flavour combinations.

45041 Article number
13 g / pc Weight
55 x 28 mm Size per piece

Preparation advice

  • Thawing time: 15 to 20 minutes at room temperature (if immediate use), 25 minutes in the refrigerator.

Storage advice

  • Store at -18°C. After thawing, store for a maximum of 48 hours between 0 and 4°C. Do not refreeze a thawed product.
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Maxi Quenelle Mascarpone



30 pc


402 x 295 x 49